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Public health talk: Prevent falls and enhance your mobility

March 26, 2018

Come and join us for an evening presentations regarding the latest knowledge in falls prevention, including key risk factors, exercises that are most effective in reducing falls, and how we can help those at risk for falls to uptake recommendations. Light refreshments will be provided. Date: May 30, 2018 Time: 4:30pm – 6:00pm Location: VGH Paetzold Auditorium, 899 West 12 Avenue, Vancouver Topics to be discussed: How can we effectively identify those at risk for falls? Are you at risk? Falls Prevention Exercise: Is the Otago Exercise Programme right for everyone? What is the relationship between cognition and falls? How do improve uptake and adherence to falls prevention exercise? Ask the Experts: … Read more

Category: News

Lifting Weights, Twice a Week, May Aid the Brain

October 21, 2015

Published in the New York Times. Exercise is good for the brain. We know that. But most studies of exercise and brain health have focused on the effects of running, walking or other aerobic activities. Now a new experiment suggests that light resistance training may also slow the age-related shrinking of some parts of our brains. Our brains are, of course, dynamic organs, adding and shedding neurons and connections throughout our lifetimes. They remodel and repair themselves constantly, in fact, in response to our lifestyles, including whether and how we exercise. But they remain, like the rest of our bodies, vulnerable to the passage of time. Many neurological studies have … Read more

Category: Healthy Cognitive Aging, News

CrossFitters, Rejoice: Lifting Weights Protects Your Brain

October 21, 2015

Published in Men’s Journal. Lifting Weights for Brain Health There are ample reasons to strength train: Lifting makes you faster, is great for weight loss, and helps keep you injury-free. Add to that increased brain health. According to new research from the University of British Columbia in Vancouver, weights have been shown to help protect your brain from age-related decline. As we get older, our brains suffer: lesions and holes develop that can shrink down our white matter, prompting the cognitive decline that slows our ability to think, reason, and create. And while exercise has long been thought to prevent the slide, most of the research has prescribed cardio — running, walking. This latest study put strength … Read more

Category: Healthy Cognitive Aging, News

Born to walk – Improve your health in 15 minutes of less

September 1, 2015

Published in the Alive newsletter. Crows calling, twigs snapping, our feet crunching on fallen leaves, the smell of crisp fall air and freshly mowed grass, the sounds of children giggling infuse our senses. Aren’t you glad you put your work aside and went for a walk? Heed the call of your body In our past, humans were hunter-gathers, and to walk was as natural as breathing. In fact, more than half of our muscles are designed for walking. Now, Statistics Canada reports that Canadian adults age 18 to 79 are inactive for 10 hours a day on average, leading sedentary lives of watching television, working at their office desk, and … Read more

Category: Falls Prevention, Healthy Cognitive Aging, News

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