Enhancing mobility while preventing falls and fractures through evidence-based practice and research

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One in three adults over the age of 65 falls once a year. Non-fatal falls lead to injuries that can cause loss of mobility, function, independence, and quality of life. Fortunately, falling can be prevented.

Facts on falls

Falls among seniors are one of the most common injury problems in British Columbia. One third of seniors experience at least one fall per year and half of these seniors fall recurrently.

Why are falls a concern?

Tips to prevent falls

Do daily exercises to maintain your balance and strength. A little bit of exercise everyday can provide a lot of benefit.

Lower your chance of falling.


The Falls Prevention Clinic is a referral-based and research-driven clinic that specializes in preventing falls and fractures among adults aged 65 years and older. By integrating research with clinical care, our mission is to reduce the burden of falls by identifying the reasons why older adults fall, what are effective interventions to prevent falls, and to deliver evidence-informed best-practice medicine.

Fall risk assessment

Comprehensive geriatric assessment

Evidence-based recommendations


Ensure that you or your patient is eligible for an appointment. The appointment will include a thorough falls risk assessment and an appointment with a geriatrician. Your appointment will include cognitive and physical assessments to measure your risk of falling. This will be followed by a comprehensive exam with one of our Geriatricians. Prepare for your appointment.